Mobile Sawmill


Mobile Sawmill Service

Unfortunately trees often come down during storms and bad weather or have to be taken down due to numerous health and safety reasons, but their journey doesn’t have to end there! Our mobile sawmill offers a solution in repurposing your timber for a range of uses such dining room tables as well as structural timber used for building.

We like to think of it as up cycling to give the timber a new purpose rather than letting it go for firewood. Here at New Forest Sawmill, we offer a portable sawmill service which includes our team coming to your location and milling up your timber on site. We can either bring our brilliant bandsaw or the classic alaskan mill to suit whatever outcome you desire.


Our bandsaw is not like other industrial sawmills and actually provides a fairly smooth finish! This is the quickest milling option we offer and this includes us coming to collect your timber, milling this at our yard and then delivering back to you.

The bandsaw has a range of cutting capabilities such as structural timber like posts, beams, sleepers and cladding as well as beautiful live edge slabs.

Alaskan Sawmill

The alaskan sawmill can be a great option if your goal is to slab up your tree to make table tops. While the alaskan generally cuts a lot slower and rougher than the bandsaw, it doesn’t require lifting equipment and can cut your timber a lot wider.

The alaskan is also great for those jobs with poor access for lifting equipment as this can be carried through by our team by hand!


Precisely Cut – Very accurate and precise cutting techniques, no corners cut.

Quick & Reliable – Don’t waste time and money transporting your timber, we come to you!

Keep your Timber – Keep all of your valuable timber or let us upcycle it for you!

Fixed Cost – No hidden costs. No hidden charges. Transparent, fixed pricing

No Vehicle Access – We don’t require access to site by vehicle, easier and less disruptive for you

No Job too Big or Small – Process trees up to 188cm in diameter and 5m in length.

Careful Service – No damage to the surrounding vegetation or landscape removing trees.

Eco-Friendly – All machinery runs on bio-degradable oil and we love to upcycle your timber!



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